Caring for those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom and way of life is a meaningful honor.  We understand the significance of this sacrifice and provide special military funeral benefits to veterans and their families.  We guide you through the process and coordinate every aspect of the arrangements.

Traditional Honors

Veterans are entitled to the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin or designated honoree and the playing of Taps by a bugler or recording.  These honors are performed by an honor guard detail that consists of at least two members of the Armed Forces.  This service may be performed at the graveside, place of worship or designated memorial venue.

Additional Honor Options

  • Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • Service Duty & Family Keepsake Book
  • Flag Cremation Program
  • Flag Urn & Keepsake Case
  • Rifle Salute
  • Cemetery Headstones or Markers
  • Military Medallion
  • Custom personalizations, specialized engraving, or moving tribute video
To Honor Those Who Served

To Honor Those Who Served

Without a doubt, our professional staff feels pride when we care for a veteran and their family. It is our way of expressing gratitude for their service to our country.

At Reuland & Turnbough, you will receive care that goes above and beyond what may expect. We provide specialized consultation to determine what benefits you may be entitled to and process necessary documentation on your behalf, this may include:

  • Complete applications for service benefits, including Military Funeral Honors, Presidential Memorial Certificate, and Veteran Cemetery Memorial Marker or Headstone
  • Apply and coordinate state, National, or Post Cemetery burial requests and benefits (i.e., Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery or Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC).
  • Confirm and coordinate any existing pre-funded veteran life insurance benefit claims
  • Coordinate the gathering of necessary documentation provided by family to request entitled benefits
  • Coordinate any surviving spousal veteran burial benefits.

Our specialized care allows families to focus on spending quality time with their loved ones rather than researching and processing documentation.  

Who is Eligible?

Military funeral honors are free of charge and mandated by law for eligible veterans. Eligibility will be verified by the veteran’s DD-214, or discharge papers. Eligible members include:

  • Military members on active duty or in the Selected Reserve.
  • Former military members who served on active duty and departed under honorable conditions.
  • Former military members who completed at least one term of enlistment or period of initial obligated service in the Selected Reserve and departed under honorable conditions.
  • Former military members discharged from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty.

Our funeral packages are designed specifically for veterans and customized to meet your budget and desires.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us at (847) 234-9649 or send us an email using our contact form.

American Flag Retirement Program


To honor our veterans and support the community we collect worn, tattered, or frayed U.S. American flags that are no longer suitable for display and are no longer fit to serve the nation. 

At the time of a veteran’s death whose family has chosen cremation, permission will be sought to drape that veteran with an unusable flag. This allows for the retirement of a flag in a most dignified manner and honors both the veteran’s service to their country and the American Flag. This program is in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code, Title 4 Section 8. There is no charge for the Veteran Flag Retirement Program.


If you have an aged American flag that is no longer worthy of display, you are welcome to place your flag in our designated “Flag Retirement Drop Box” located at our Reuland & Turnbough office at 1407 N. Western Avenue, Lake Forest, IL  60045. 

If you are unable to drop off your flag, we will be more than happy to pick up your flag on your behalf.  To coordinate pick-up, please contact us at (847) 234-9649 or [email protected].