Vital ICE

Vital ICE is the premier In Case of Emergency app that helps save lives.

SERVING THE community

Reuland & Turnbough Funeral Directors of Lake Forest was founded with the vision to provide compassionate care and a strong support system to families in the community.  We understand the importance of living an enriched life and the ability to create lifelong memories with your loved ones. 

In support of our vision, we are proud to be the only funeral care provider in the area designated to sponsor the Vital ICE smartphone app as a complimentary gift, regardless of your age or where you live.  Vital ICE is the premier in case of emergency app that helps save lives and one of the ways we hope to enrich the lives of those in our community.  


Vital ICE is a custom smart phone application. It provides a platform on which to list your (and your dependents, if applicable) vital medicinal information, such as blood type, allergies, medication, medical history, your emergency contacts, insurance, physicians, and much more. This information will be readily available to EMS and other First Responders when they need it most.

Free for download, this public safety app locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more, and can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated. First responders are given access to our back office site, where they can send emergency communications and other alerts to local app users.

Vital ICE Features:

  • Dependents & Caregivers – Input your designated dependents or caregivers information for EMS to easily contact in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency Alert System – Enables you to call 911 and sound an audible alarm with a built in satellite GPS for responders to pinpoint your exact location.
  • Medical Information – List vital medical information such as blood type, allergies, medications, medical history, emergency contacts, insurance cards, physician contacts and much more. This critical information can easily be sent to emergency room officials.
  • Medical First Aid – Enables you to search and follow treatment protocol for common emergencies to assist you when EMS is not present.
  • Compatibility - This application is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and tablets.

We encourage you to take advantage of this gift and “download the app” and start using it today! To receive this for free, you must enter our Reuland & Turnbough unique access code number: 9649.

To learn more or need technical assistance, please contact us at
(847) 234-9649 or send us an email.
Vital Ice instructional graphic with unique code of 9649.